Seven - (2016): - Seven is as much a continuation to Michael's previous solo project, Goin Home, as a strong stand alone project which shows Michael's advancement of style and master work with instruments he plays. Michael fills the music palette with Native American flutes as well as his strong guitar work, percussion and drumming. As a musician you have songs that are written and put away on a shelf for reasons long forgotten. This project was not completely written in this manner but a good portion were taken from the proverbial shelf, dusted off, arranged and polished to a wonderful sheen. Order Now! State quantity in next window.
$18.00 each
includes S/H
Goin Home - (2013): - Goin Home is an intimate yet strong work that does show an emotional side of Michael Searching Bear we may not have seen with recent releases. Filled with catchy phrases & sonic emotional tracks. Michael has returned home, as it were, and fills the music palette with Native American flutes as well as his strong percussion and drumming. Michael has returned home. Order Now! State quantity in next window.
$18.00 each
includes S/H
The Mirror information page
The Mirror - (2010): - The Mirror is an eclectic blend of world melodies, rhythms & percussion married with under currents of contemporary keyboards and captivating vocals. A world fusion collaboration from Nammy Award winner Michael Searching Bear & long time band member TJ Marlatt. Order Now! State quantity in next window.
$18.00 each
includes S/H
Ceremony information page
Ceremony - (2009): - 2009 Nammy Award Winner for Best World Recording! A collection of songs which has a connective thread through the subject matter of ceremony. Not all ceremonial songs are from the traditional cultural time. We have many contemporary ceremonial songs alive and well today. Some songs on this release were born from a Native American or Original Peoples culture. Others are from an African culture, the old Mayan and Aztec culture, Japanese culture as well as the Celtic culture. Michael uses many of the instruments he has fallen in love with over the years and combines them with this Ceremony concept. State quantity in next window.
$18.00 each
includes S/H
Michael Searching Bear Live In Concert (2007):- Nammy & Just Plain Folks Music Award nominated video. Native American wood flute performance combined with other unique world instrumentation. Michael Searching Bear's Live In Concert dvd release is footage from the Un earthed cd tour with a cast of 10 band members. Songs performed include arrangements from his Album of the Year winner, Voice From Within, as well as his Nammy nominated Un earthed cd along with un-released footage including a heart-tugging Trail of Tears educational track. The Booger Dance is a wonderful performance depicting an old Cherokee ceremony. Of course, Michael's 'Cherokee for Dummies' is included.... Directed by world renowned Eddie Tomecko, this dvd promises to be a benchmark for Native American concerts. State quantity in next window.
$18.50 each
includes S/H
Un earthed (2005): Nammy & Aboriginal People's Choice & Just Plain Folks Music Award nominated cd. A perfect balance of Native American flute, percussion & vocals with more contemporary instrumentation - fused together without taking away the integrity of either cultures. This recording reflects the different aspects of Michael's journey in this world & the different cultures he has encountered as he attempts to find out more about himself & who he truly is. It is a cross-over of two cultures, or two worlds, that he lives within. He has orchestrated many of the instruments that he has fallen in love with over the past & found that the Native American flute fits nicely in both of these worlds. State quantity in next window.
$18.00 each
includes S/H
Voice From Within (2003): 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Winner for Album of the Year! Contemplative, reflective, original & visionary Native American flute songs with nature sounds as well as musical effects; some are gentle accompanied by guitar and vocals. Voice From Within has a variety of emotions which will take you on your wonderful journey within. Eighteen songs fill this release which is instrumented with solo flute & an array of percussion & natural sounds. The solo voice of Windwalker, Michael's sister, is a special highlight celebrating the beauty of the Cherokee language. All original recordings went into this cd which was mainly written & inspired by the Cherokee Trail of Tears journey in the 1830's. The final track is a flute talk duet with Windwalker & Michael. State quantity in next window.
$18.00 each
includes S/H
Rhythmic Accompaniments for Native American Flute (2004): This percussion cd was created for the accompaniment of the Native American wood flute. This concept was created by Michael's recording engineer/co-producer Bill Hartzell. Rhythms created by world percussion instruments played by Michael & Greg Holtz. In short supply - you can not get this title anywhere else. State quantity in next window.
$18.00 each
includes S/H
Un earthed T-shirts: A perfect way to proudly show your love of Native music. Enjoy having your music with you at all times! Pre-shrunk 100% cotton T's. Available in Ash Gray color. State quantity in next window. $18.00 each - includes S/H
Not available
Silent Journey (1999): Silent Journey is a creation by Michael in the early to mid 90's in which the flute was an atmospheric instrument and the guitar & percussion was the main focal point. This release originally was home for several of the singles that are on the Un earthed cd. Songs such as Silent Journey, Our Child's Lullaby, Whispering Trails & more.
Not available

Goin Home
Just Plain Folks Music Awards, 2017, Nominee for Best Native American
songs from my Goin Home CD, Far Cry & Goin Home.
Entered into 10th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards
& 18th Annual USA Songwriters Competition Awards.

The Mirror
Just Plain Folks Music Awards, 2017, Nominee for Best Ambient Song, Caravan of Camels &
Best Soundtrack, Domus Iterum from my The Mirror CD.
Nominated Best Rock Album 2010 Grammy Awards, first round.

WINNER Best World Recording 2009 Native American Music Awards!
Nominated for 2009 11th NAMA for Song of the Year - Indian Reservation

Live In Concert DVD

Nominated for 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Video of the Year.
Nominated for 2008 10th annual NAMA (Native American Music Awards)
Nammy Awards: Best Long Form Video of the year

Un earthed

Nominated 2009 Just Plain Folks Music Award for Album of the Year and
Just Plain Folks Music Award nominee for Song of the Year - Appalachian Sunrise
Nominated for 2007 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards
for Single of the Year (Our Child's Lullaby), Best New Artist,
and Best Instrumental CD.
Nominated 2006 8th annual Nammy Awards:
Debut Artist/Group of the Year, Flutist of the Year,
Best New Age Recording, Record of the Year, Song/Single of the Year - The Vision
and Songwriter of the Year

Voice From Within

WINNER 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards:
Album of the Year
Nominated 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards
Song of the Year - The Gathering

Frankly, I needed to 'digest' the experience
to fully give an accounting of it. The concert was soooooo cool
live, there is no way ANY DVD would be able to stand up in
comparison, nevertheless, that's one reason we've had to
watch it again and again. It leaves the listener wanting
more..... that's a good thing! The darkness of the setting gave
me the impression of timelessness. It's hard to explain, but
in most music videos it's clearly 'the band', 'the stage',
'the crowd', 'the music.' In yours, the feeling was almost like
a vision, taken back in time and place, tribal feet all around me.
Very effective. My first favorite: The first song. Outstanding choice
for an opening number, remembering it live and the goose bumps it invoked.
The DVD focused nicely on the players. You have a remarkably intense
presence. Very dramatic without giving the feeling of 'acting.' It's
just who you are. Got to see/hear it again with surround sound.....
Your personality comes out so cleanly. Your most effective songs were
BOOGER DANCE, and those cuts which you introduced. I would liked to
have heard you intro your various flutes. FLUTE TALK was FUN !!
as was the vocal duet and the Fujara/Didg. There were so many
levels and textures to this DVD. Very well rounded. now....
The Trail of Tears segment... starting with the
TRAIL OF TEARS are without a doubt the most powerful
pieces I have ever heard. As I write this I have tears in
my eyes. There are many things I want to say but can not
put into words. All in all, an outstanding DVD, more of an
experience than a concert. Les Russell

Osiyo Michael !
WOW! Again I am left stunned by your work! Your intense presence
and the darkness of the setting is very dramatic. It really "pulled me in".
The acting of the 3 flute players was great! The voice of the soloist was haunting!
And the "Trail of Tears" was horrific! I hadn't heard about the white roses before,
and your obvious emotion really added to the effectiveness of the educational segment.
(The Trail has always totally horrified me - and now I'm living in the town where it all started. Ohmygod!)
I've also never seen anything like the "Booger Dance". I just LOVE the way you're
teaching us things we really should know about! I also found it very touching that your
wife and son were also on stage with you. And I thoroughly enjoyed the added footage
during "Our Child's Lullaby". Hey, great jacket! I also enjoyed seeing you backstage
with the fans! And I especially enjoyed your great sense of humor while teaching Cherokee
to the audience! So different from the show.......... wonderful! I will experinece this
DVD many more times. Thank you for creating it! Joen Bozarth

I was very excited to receive this DVD of Michael Searching Bear - Live In Concert!
From the lovely shorelines of New England, I was taken to another realm,
one which I can't express thoroughly in words, but one has to feel with the heart.
This is a DVD like no other, It is beautifully put together,,, and makes one sit
on the edge of their seat, wondering "Wow, whats next"? A true Joy is this Dvd and one
that I think is a crucial part of ones' music library.
You had me amazed and mesmorized. Thank you Michael Searching Bear for introducing me to
this very different style then I am used too..... You have a TRUE FAN!

Michael, Your CDs are fantastic! After I listened to Voice from Within last night, I sat there --- quietly stunned. I wasn't sure what had just happened, but I knew something did. Then I realized that I felt more grounded into my "Native-ness" - except I don't have any. Yet it was a pretty wonderful feeling! The second CD was more like a journey somehow........ esp. Silent Journey and Canyon's Edge. I really liked the feelings I had, although I can't exactly describe them to you just yet. I experienced a lot for a first-time run-through! Some songs I totally understood or identified with, and others, like Mother Bear Song, I couldn't get a handle on. I'll just keep becoming more familiar with your music and see what happens! So, I'll just continue to listen and learn on my own for now. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Windwalker's voice. It's beautiful, strong and clear. Very soothing, too. "Thank you, Windwalker." Joen Bozarth

Greetings! I just had to write: wow!
Cd arrived, & I finally got a chance to listen, I sat down, & worked on a gourd rattle.
What gems you & yours are! Let me tell you, I have quite a collection of flute music by
R. Carlos, & Spotted Eagle, etc. & I have just found my new favorite art music
(I call it that because in order to keep my heart open while I work, I listen to music that brings light to me).
As for giving me any credit at all for using one of my instruments, that is so very generous of you!
It's you that brings life to your instruments! I am truly honored! Thank you!
Again, awesome cd! Thanks for the gift!
Sincerely, Cynthia - Proprietor, Picture Rocks Art

I wanted to write you again and congratulate you on a fabulous job with “Unearthed”.
When I first heard it, I was very glad to hear how well you fused together
two cultures without taking away the integrity of either one. It was a perfect balance -
two ages apart by hundreds of years, yet brought together in perfect harmony.
That’s the beauty of music, it has no date. The Vision and Mother Bear
stand out, as I believe, the awesome potential of your music talent coupled
with your deep interconnection with our native culture. As I heard The Vision,
the haunting voices along with the rising musical panorama
left me in shock and awe. I could not help to envision a story of struggle,
change and growth. To which I later realized that the story
behind this song was very much as I envisioned it. Mother Bear then stepped
in to top-off the climax of the story – an amazing work.
Your tireless dedication to our culture along with your musical talent
is going to be well remembered long after this production.
As stated earlier – it’s timeless. Well done my friend…
Sincerely, Eric Wolf Windseeker

Un Earthed is superb, it touched my heart!
Listening to Un Earthed took me on a wonderful heartfelt journey.
The blend of Native American Flute with Contemporary instruments are awesome.
Appalachian Sunrise is so soothing to my soul, and The Vision is that wonderful blend
of cultures, fantastic. Many thanks to you Michael for this awesome CD. Mary Jo Green

Hello from the far East..
I received the CD Friday and I spent the weekend listening to it. In comparison
to the CD's I own from AH-Nee-Mah, Dougles Spotted Eagle, Dougles Blue
Feather etc... , yours is by far the most native of all. You went back
to the original native style using the drum beats, shakers and other native
instruments -- beautiful. The others I own mix contemporary New Age backgrounds
which give it a relaxing touch, but yours concentrates on the flute itself.
No studio tricks to drown it among keyboards, and no excessive reverb or
delay. Fantastic work! I also noticed you toyed around with half holes
as well as the big drone flutes, which gave it a unique character. The
native language did great as well. Thank you!
Eric "Boone"

Thank you for the wonderful CD. The music is absolutely beautiful.
We had it on playing in the background all weekend. Very soothing yet VERY interesting melodies and subtle rhythms.
Gorgeous. Love the recording quality. Very well done. The flutes sound stunning. Very haunting and warm.
Kenneth Leonard - recording producer/engineer for Lou Reda Corp.(History Channel / Dancetime USA)

I loved your CD. I've played it five times already (no joke)
and the truth is I liked it when I first heard it, but I like it better and better with each listening.
Terrific, beautiful work. What I like best is that it seems like you're
right there in the room playing. And it's not "over-produced" with a
lot of extra studio crap that might sound impressive but actually take away from
the instrument. The simplicity and purity of the flutes come through as
clear as the water of the mountain rivers I can see in my mind as you play.
OK, that may sound corny, but that IS how it felt for me. Congrats many
times over on a wonderful accomplishment. I'm telling EVERYONE about it!!---.
Tom Kerr, Executive Director, Kulture Kids. Kulture Kids web site
"a non-profit arts organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing diversity and multiculturalism."

Michael - I don't pass out compliments readily, but your CD is one of the best
I've ever heard. Great heart! Blessings!
Jim Curley - Mountain Music Shoppe - Mountain Music Shoppe web site



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