Seven - © and ® 2016 Michael Searching Bear
Produced by Michael Searching Bear

Seven is as much a continuation to Michael's previous solo project, Goin Home, as a strong stand alone project
which shows Michael's advancement of style and master work with instruments he plays. Michael fills the music
palette with Native American flutes as well as his strong guitar work, percussion and drumming.
As a musician you have songs that are written and put away on a shelf for reasons long forgotten.
This project was not completely written in this manner but a good portion were taken from the
proverbial shelf, dusted off, arranged and polished to a wonderful sheen. MSB


Wow, your writing has matured dude! -Eddie Tomecko, Engineer

Listening to Michael Searching Bear is like listening to a cool breeze on a hot summer day and feeling its much needed chill. Michael has a new CD out, SEVEN. It contains ironically enough, seven cuts of the most magnificent Native American Flute music you will ever have the pleasure to hear. SEVEN is mixed well with accompanying music tracks of drums, guitar and strings. The mood and flow of the music and tracks will take you away on a trip only your imagination can visualize. Michael has a unique way of creating bold yet soothing music indicative of a very talented artist at his peak. He plays his flute with warm inviting tones that float within the music like eagles on a summer breeze. Yes, you could meditate to his music but you will likely want to get up and dance as well. SEVEN is Native American Flute music and pop fusion at its best!
1) The Flight; This cut is a voyage of the mind, it will take you to imaginary vistas of ocean waves and ships boldly soaring through the oceans or even space. Beautifully rendered to a brisk drum beat and soft flute, this cut sets the tone for the album and the tracks to come. Michael takes Flight and begins your aural journey from the start of the CD.
2) Angst; A wonderful guitar and flute piece with subdued notes flowing and surrounded by bold drum. A soft journey to inner peace and yet grand enough to make you want to become a part of the music and dance!
3) From the Walls; Majestic! This cut with bold drum and bells lays a foundation for day dreaming! Like the soundtrack to a movie, Michael opens your third eye and imagination to a tune that builds into a crescendo of sound moving forward and upward to a bold finish.
4) Wings Falling; This tune opens with a brisk guitar and flute reminiscent of birds in flight. It’s a canvas to paint your own thoughts onto, soft yet grandiose and soothing. Uplifting and soaring skyward, perfectly mixed to make you happy.
5) Home in Minor; Drum and flute greet you with this tune that is fast and steady. This is a cut that moves the soul and makes you want to get up and move! A dancing beat that will make you want to kick off your shoes and feel the grass or sand on your feet. Michael takes you even further into a sound spectrum of delight and wonder!
6) Seven; The albums namesake delivers awakening, the soft flute against the trill of guitar is both relaxing and delightful. Like a cool autumn day surrounded by falling orange and red leaves, Michael gently allows the music to suspend reality and drift among the trees. Nostalgic and wondrous, this tune will take you back to memories and times long forgotten.
7) Until I Return; With a promise of return and soft flute notes, Michael brings you gently back to earth after your journey through SEVEN. Subdued tones and gentle guitar make your landing easy and relaxing. Like a sigh after a long trip, Michael guides you back with grace, and then steps up the beat to send you on your way again. Cascading flute sets the tone for your homecoming. You will be inspired to take another trip and remember the glorious journey you just returned from. -Reviewer: J. Michael Long (Facebook Administrator; Native American Flute Musicians)

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