The Mirror - © and ® 2010 Marlatt - Searching Bear
Co-produced by TJ Marlatt and Michael Searching Bear

I have two nominations for the 2017 Just Plain Folks music awards. (This is the same music awards I won Best Native Album for Voice From Within back in the mid 2000's). Nominations are for the song Caravan of Camels (Ambient Song Nominee) and Domus Iterum (Soundtrack Song Nominee).

The Mirror is an eclectic blend of world melodies,
rhythms & percussion married with under currents of
contemporary keyboards and captivating vocals.

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This cd is a continued quest of Michael and TJ's love
for various traditional cultural instruments and rhythms.
This project is a collaboration of songs which leads the listener
on a musical voyage to many cultural lands. From Lowry Gang's
typical American rock beat to Domus Iterum's upper
Mediterranean crossed with old Viking style rhythms.
From Caravan of Camels eastern African influence to
The Mirror's southern Asian and middle eastern flavors.
Joined with In the Distance's slight touch of Celtic
to Moonlight's classic rock, jazz and swing movements.
The Mirror is not only a collaboration between TJ and Michael's
writing and orchestration but also includes the heart
of the sound - the band. Marlatt - Searching Bear consists of the
talents of Lora Gray on vocals, Jen Richeson on violins and harmonies
and Jeff Brockett on guitars, many of whom have been touring with
Michael for years. It was only a matter of time before these talents
came together in the studio to create this wonderful sound.

Song list:


Lowry Gang

In the swamps of Robeson county
clever Henry Lowry
struck down the rich who murdered
his father and his kin
Lowry Gang, Lowry Gang
Slipping through the Carolina night he
fought to save the poor he
died to save the helpless
with his Lowry Gang
Lowry Gang, Lowry Gang,
Lowry Gang, Lowry Gang
Child-man the Robin Hood whose story
lives on through the Lumbee
your spirit will not wither
your legend will not die
Lowry Gang, Lowry Gang


The night sky is tumbling
Burying the memory of us
Snow is falling and all is still
Stars in their eyes, they’ll forget us
Safe in this silent world
Of wormwood in Wolvesland
When morning shatters our secret
Sun and sky bright and blue
We will be gone

The Mirror

This devil’s mirror
in my shaking hands
Silver and simple in my hands
The devil said you’d love me
ves’ tacha
gledalos, gledalos
But you saw the devil’s eyes
Behind your own eyes
Reflection twisted in the glass
He knew you’d never love me
ves’ tacha
This devil’s mirror
Reflects us both now
ves’ tacha
gledalos, gledalos

On Thin Ice

cracking I can,
splitting oh
beneath our,
thin ice
I can hear the splitting ice
a last desperate attempt
cracking, splitting
in this cold world,
we are alone
we are alone,
walking on thin ice
wanting warmth so,
we break
the memory of,
thin ice
craving warmth we break
this is the language of winter
frozen, thin ice
in this cold world,
we are alone
we are alone,
walking on thin ice
I cannot decipher this taste
we were never meant to live here
walking on thin ice

Domus Iterum

mos nos animadverto domus iterum?
nos licentia hodie
mos nos animadverto domus iterum?
Capimus nusquam
mos nos animadverto domus iterum?
nos relinquo panton
mos nos animadverto domus iterum?
mos nos animadverto domus iterum?
nos licentia hodie

Will we see home again?
We leave today
Will we see home again?
We take nothing.
Will we see home again?
We abandon everything
Will we see home again?
Will we see home again?
We leave today

All photos © Brian Kerber

photo © Sinder Perring


Marlatt - Searching Bear's album, The Mirror, shines.... Rachel Floriano - Native American Arts

Lowry Gang: Wow! Very different from what you normally do. Sounds sort of a psyshedlic rock. - Victor Samalot / Rare Blend

Moonlight: The main melodic lines and riffs are hooky. The piece is solidly crafted as far as the compositional aspect.
The contrast between the opening piano/violin and the hard rockin' mid section is effective. -Craig Streaman, TAXI

Lowry Gang: Starting with a nice and brooding sound that sounds as if it belongs to a band like Godsmack or Another Animal this song starts and brings with it a raw emotional state that the singer is placed into. This song only pulsates and gets better throughout the song. It has a nicely written drum beat and a brilliant guitar track. The song would do well on an action film soundtrack. Or even a slasher film soundtrack in the way it is made. The singer has a decent tone to her that adds to the eeriness created by the song's instrumental. She is brilliant in her way of singing. The lyrics are also nice as they speak of some other-worldly being. -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Lowry Gang: I love the slow electric guitar at the beginning. It sounds like the song is full of suspense, and the drums come in and only add to the suspense which to me is only a good thing. It sounds positively oriental instrumentally, something you would find in the east. The vocals stick to this theme, sounding mysterious but elegant and compliment the instrumentals nicely. -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Lowry Gang: I love the female vocalist the harmonize great. The beginning of the tune made it sound as though it was just a music score. Now that 's music, make the crowd wonder, effect. Excellent is the word best suited. The music just flows. That makes it great. -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Lowry Gang: This alternative rock song has a bit of a gloom dark side to it. Reminds me of a harder side of the band That Dog at times. The singers are good I like their voices and the way they harmonize. The music has almost a Egyptian feel with the guitars at times. The beat is hypnotic and the vocals mesmerize you. I really like this song. Want to hear more. -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Lowry Gang: Good guitars in the intro. I like the blending of all things coming together. it is very simple and very effective. it has a half speed surfer vibe to it. i was quite surprised to hear a chick singer. she has a nice voice and her lyrics are pretty decent. the vocal melody is great and her execution of the vibrato on certain notes is outstanding. I think this band has some penitential id like to hear some material from them with a little more energy. the guitar solo is acceptable with a novice technique and a bit of slop. This is a good song i give it mid level marks. thanks for the good work guys i did enjoy the track. -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Lowry Gang: The track started off well with the guitar that slowly mixed with the drums well. It give off a good rock/pop feel to it. The artist have a good sense of arrange, the start of the song gives off a nice flow to her voice. Her vocal is attractive, it is fitting. The lyrics are meaningful and sync well with the melody. She has talent, just need to work on her expressive vocal. -Reverbnation Crowd Review



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