Ceremony - © and ® 2009 Michael Searching Bear
Co-produced by TJ Marlatt and Michael Searching Bear

My Ceremony cd is the 2009 Nammy Award Winner
for Best World Recording! Was nominated for
Song of the Year for Indian Reservation also.
Wa do for your support!!!!

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This page is where you will find information on my new cd release project.

This project is a collection of songs which may not have the same 'main' or 'lead' instrument or the same 'main' feel, but, a connective thread through the subject matter of ceremony. Not all ceremonial songs are from the traditional cultural time. We have many contemporary ceremonial songs alive and well today. Some songs on this release were born from a Native American, or Original Peoples culture, such as The Booger Dance and Chilam Balam. Other songs are from an African culture, the old Mayan and Aztec culture, Japanese culture as well as the Celtic culture. You will find information about several of the songs on this release stemming from the basis of the idea to the different interesting instruments used to create them. I hope this page helps in explaining the concepts behind a musician/writers mind set and reasons for orchestrating what I feel to be very interesting points that keep our cultures moving forward. Ceremony....

Song list:


All Souls Night

Bonfires dot the rolling hillsides
Figures dance around and around
To drums that pulse out echoes of darkness
Moving to the pagan sound.

Somewhere in a hidden memory
Images float before my eyes
Of fragrant nights of straw and of bonfires
And dancing till the next sunrise.

I can see the lights in the distance
Trembling in the dark cloak of night
Candles and lanterns are dancing, dancing
A waltz on All Souls Night.

Figures of cornstalks bend in the shadows
Held up tall as the flames leap high
The green knight holds the holly bush
To mark where the old year passes by.


Bonfires dot the rolling hillsides
Figures dance around and around
To drums that pulse out echoes of darkness
And moving to the pagan sound.

Standing on the bridge that crosses
The river that goes out to the sea
The wind is full of a thousand voices
They pass by the bridge and me.

Indian Reservation

They took the whole Cherokee nation
Put us on this reservation
Took away our ways of life
The tomahawk and the bow and knife
Took away our native tongue
And taught their English to our young
And all the beads we made by hand
Are nowadays made in Japan

Cherokee people, Cherokee tribe
So proud to live, so proud to die

They took the whole Indian nation
Locked us on this reservation
Though they changed our ways of old
Never changed our heart and soul
Though I wear a shirt and tie
I'm still part redman deep inside
*The smoke still lifts our prayers up high
*Cherokee spirit will never die

Cherokee people, Cherokee tribe
So proud to live, so proud to die

*Maybe someday when we've learned
Cherokee nation will return, will return,
will return, will return, will return

*additional lyrics by TJ Marlatt and michael searching bear


Promontory: It was a strongly evocative piece with a satisfying
and original combination of Native American and Irish flavors.
The blend of those flavors was well balanced, with the underlying
percussion groove and flute sound leaning more towards the Native American
and the flute playing and scale used sounding more Irish. The flute work was the
most distinctive aspect of the arrangement. The piece had a nice dynamic build to it,
subtly adding layers at a time and ramping up the intensity. Great job on this, Michael!!
Craig Streaman, Manager, A&R, TAXI

Michael Searching Bear has brought forth his best work to date! His artistic talent,
ingenuity and passion for detail speaks for itself in his new work titled "Ceremony".
Michael has always had a gift for bridging cultures together to unite in harmony
the common whole; the human race. Today the real purity lies in your heart, intention and actions.
It is for this that Michael's compassion exemplifies the true noble character of the "Good Red Road".
Thank you Michael for such extraordinary work...
Eric Wolf-Windseeker

Indian Reservation: This song has a good rock beat to it, with a nice, balanced integration of vocals and steady guitar and drums. I think it 's a hit. It has a classic rock feel, with a catchy tune. Production levels are good. Overall, nice job. -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Indian Reservation: This is a great upbeat tune. Ican definitely see this band going far. Its on trend with the charts. A more chilled version of the queens of the stone age. A young version. Hope this band does well looking forward to hearing more from them -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Indian Reservation: The introduction is unique and catchy. The lyrics are very unique and presents a bit of history for the listener. The melody is catchy and addictive. This is something I would definitely enjoy listening to in the car. I love it! -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Indian Reservation: An 80's feel. Right off the bat. Very David Bowie. Mellow and youthful keyboard, drums, and a few other eccentric instruments definitely add to its feeling. Later on, brass or synthesized brass come to play as well. Open hi hats.. splashy symbols... a beautiful build with toms? Oh yeah. This is one of those songs that you could swear you've heard before but you haven't. Definitely for a niche audience. -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Indian Reservation: Dark vocals with a clear blues influence, the piano and other various instruments such as drums create a rather tense and gripping feel to this song, the song works well and the few changes in BPM help to keep it gripping and rather exciting to listen to... This song really reflect what the artist is singing about, great song, worth a listen -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Indian Reservation: What can I say but good and then some. This song does not need any improvment. This is a perfect song. the raiders did this song. on this one I love the ending. Every thing was balanced to the note. You made the song a story and the story a song. -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Indian Reservation: Oh yes. This is more like it! Got me tapping the hands from the off. Upbeat vocals, percussion and guitars. This will definately sound good out live at a concert. That bassline really helps this track along very nicely indeed! -Reverbnation Crowd Review

Indian Reservation: The introduction is very melodious and memorable. I know this song from the '70's, I believe it is by Paul Revere and the Raiders or Electric Light Orchestra. The melodies are not overly complex but still strong nonetheless. The vocals are distinctive and expressive and make for a dynamic, consistent song. I like the song alot but it 's a bit safe. I think this song could benefit from a more origianl mix but it 's obvious the songwriters are accomplished, professional musicians. -Reverbnation Crowd Review



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