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O si yo - Hello
tsi lu gi - Welcome
Wa do, thank you, for visiting my web site.
I am Michael Searching Bear, owner of
Searching Bear Flutes. I am of Cherokee and Powhatan descent.
I was guided by friend, Raymond Redfeather, to
follow the path of honoring my forefathers and preserving our
Native tradition. Though I am self taught, his understanding and endless
help encouraged my journey and love interest in making the
wood flute. It is my wish to share this tradition
and pass along the spirit of this wonderful art form.
My goal and passion in life is to keep my Native heritage alive and to
honor my forefathers by creating these healing wood flutes.
I put great love and attention into every flute I make.
My instruments are professionally used and professional
quality sounding flutes which are very responsive and expressive.
My flutes can be played either softly or loudly while maintaining
their tone and clarity. I guarantee my flutes against failure
or separation due to craftsmanship. If you are not completely
satisfied with your flute, it will be repaired or replaced.
I stand behind my flutes 100%. Your satisfaction is my goal....

There are indeed hundreds of flute makers on mother earth, but,
with the difficulty and dedication required, I am honored to be
a full-time flute maker and am deeply blessed to be one
of very few flute makers that make warbling flutes.
I am also very proud and honored to be a part of a
strong lineage of flute makers. May this lineage continue!

The law: On a commercial level in the United States, only flutes crafted
by enrolled Native Americans or their approved artisans are considered to be
"Native American Flutes". It is illegal for any other manufacturer to represent
a Native origin or to mislead their Native American style flutes as "Native", per the
1990 Indian Arts And Crafts Act. This act makes such misrepresentation a Federal felony.
Non-Native makers must at least include such terms as "style" in descriptions of their wares.
-I am a duly registered Native American, however, due to my beliefs I will not list my
tribal Registration number, my degree of Indian blood or my tribal office information.
Because of this I list my flutes as Native style or healing flutes in order to continue what
I do without un-necessary interruption to my art and life. There has been enough interruption...


"...after a while, the (native american) flute plays you." Hawk LittleJohn / Songkeepers

"...once the heart of the wood has been bored out,
the new owner must then fill it with his own heart." Hawk LittleJohn / Songkeepers

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wa do

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