Michael is an accomplished musician and performer who's love for music and search for his native
heritage led him to the Native American Wood Flute. With over 40 years of experience as a
performance and studio musician, as a drummer and percussionist, Michael developed his
talents and perfected his gift for mastering intricate rhythms. Michael has worked as a
studio drummer for many well known recording artists and as a drum clinician. He later learned, under
the teachings of Kenneth Leonard, the electric, acoustic and classical guitars as well as
music theory, history and ethnomusicology as a private student. With this knowledge, Michael
desired to incorporate as many different types of instruments and backgrounds into his
recording compositions - especially Native and traditional cultural instruments.
Michael has continued with this love of World cultural music for the purpose of musical and sound healing.
Having known for centuries the power of music for healing the body, Michael uses his gift for these purposes also.

With Michael's award winning Ceremony cd release - 2009, (Best World Recording), he incorporated many world
cultural flavors combined with the love of Native rhythms and the flute. It drew much attention
and proved that all cultures are indeed one, at least in the international language of music.
Michael has used this concept with his subsequent CD releases, The Mirror, Goin Home & Seven.
A step forward from Michael's earlier works of a more meditative subject matter, he won the praise
of his peers, his existing fans as well as bringing onboard many more world eclectic tastes. Michael
continued on this World Fusion path and released his band project, The Mirror, with long time
band member TJ Marlatt which incorporates many more facets of world music, including vocals.
This project was entered into the Grammy field alongside many well known artists.
This album also has two nominations from 2017 Just Plain Folks Music Awards for the song
Caravan of Camels (Ambient Song Nominee) and Domus Iterum (Soundtrack Song Nominee).

Michael's recent work, Goin Home - 2013, conveys his personal journey of emotions leading him back
to his Native roots. This is Michael's first solo project since his Award Winning World project, Ceremony.
Continuing with his great ear for arranging, this project blends many more string arrangements with
his Native flutes as well as his mastered drumming. Culminating with the titled track, Goin Home.
Michael leaves his listener with a personal, emotional journey taken from his own recent life.
This album also has two nominations from 2017 Just Plain Folks Music Awards for the song
Far Cry & Goin Home. Both nominations are for Best Native American Song.

Michael's most recent work, Seven - 2016, conveys a similiar journey of emotions leading him back
to his Native roots. Michael uses the same ear for arranging, to blend strings and
arrangements with his Native flutes as well as his mastered drumming.

Michael's passion and interest has always been in the music arena. With this passion as fuel
Michael has begun teaching on the ancient methods, as well as today's methods, of construction
and uses of the flute in the Native ways of life and healing. Michael has dedicated his life to educating and teaching
his Native culture and using his expertise in the flute and other instruments as a catalyst for this training.

Michael is a full time musician, performer and educator as well as a full time wood flute
maker. He travels and educates on Native American culture and heritage through music
across the country. He teaches and performs in various arenas, from historical societies,
corporate business gatherings, Native arts organizations, festivals, theaters
and colleges to day care facilities, K-12 schools and national events.

Michael is proud to be a member of the Eastern Cherokee tribe & of Powhatan descent....

Michael's cd's and dvd can be found at many local stores which carry Native and World genre music
as well as Amazon.com, Borders.com, CDbaby.com, Super D cd distribution, searchingbearflutes.com
and can be downloaded @ iTunes, Rhapsody, PayPlay.fm and MySpace and many more.
Michael's cd's are available from his special friends at Paramount Press Inc. -
the exclusive publisher of personal friend Robert Griffing's paintings & books.




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